From Inevitable to Evitable - Musings of a Lockdown Soul

2020 January - My plans for the year

  1. Make a mark in my career

  2. Buy a house

  3. Get married

And then came March 2020 / COVID/ Lockdown, and my plans just got re-planned and I am continuing to stare at uncertainty in multiple fronts.

Is my career 100% safe and secure? Am I going to make the same kind of money? Will I be laid-off? - Well, I don't know!

I love someone and we are planning to get married soon (well, the details on my love story are for another day). How soon will I able to get married? - Well, I don't know

Will I be able to buy my own house, take up that kind of loan amount? - Well, I can't

Am I safe and healthy? - Yes, I am for now, and that's what I am most grateful for

Things have changed so much, there are more questions than answers. There are worries but many realizations too.

Here's what I used to be - Wear makeup everyday, do my nails trendy, keep refreshing my wardrobe and plan in advance my style for the day, footwear fetish (I have at least 25 pairs of sandals), eat fast food, go to malls every weekend, catch almost every new movie release, window + real shopping and a lot more unnecessary expenses.

And today, I am in pyjamas whole day, don't even do my hair, wear no makeup (hope they don't expire before the lockdown gets over :P), have chopped off my well-done nails, can't use those shoes or clothes which I used to treasure + I really don't have any more unnecessary expenses. I have learnt to live on essentials, and I feel I will continue to have this kind of a lifestyle. Adding on to these, I realized I can be productive (office work) even at home, though it's kinda boring to not meet my office friends.

Today, when there is a fear of job loss looming over everyone and where the value of money is most felt, I wish I could go back and change my lifestyle. Minimalistic would be my new motto! Even when things go back to normal, I think I would be more worried about taking precautions to stay healthy than on how I look. The same footwear I used to have a fetish for will have to be left outside the house for fear of virus (I won't even want to wear my expensive shoes outside anymore, seems like my money gone). Masks and gloves are a norm, what will I even do with my lipsticks and nail polishes (I wonder why I hoarded them!). I may just continue to be simple and not spend too much on discretionary items any more. Spending thousands on a MAC kit seems worthless, I guess natural beauty is more soothing (Well, I will continue to try makeup looks with my available cosmetics because I still love it and it's fun). No more fast food for me, I have learnt cooking on my own (on weekends, mom helps on weekdays :P) and I sort of enjoy it (well, lays and chocolates are junk I continue to eat, which I plan to cut down too 'eventually'), there are occasional cravings for pizza and burger but I seem to be getting over it.

Finally, talking about career - There's no certainty of my job or for that matter anyone else's, I think it's time for me to do something of my own - at least I will be happy and not have to worry about job loss. Thinking of ideas, there is a looooooot of time to think, something will surely happen.

Finally I have defined my new inevitable list:

  1. Health and safety

  2. Family and my special someone who are my moral strength in this phase

  3. True friend (Identified some fake friends too, detailed story sometime later)

  4. Cooking skills

  5. Food and shelter

  6. Build something of my own (cos it's only myself whom I can fully depend on)

That's how my inevitable changed to evitable and there's a whole new inevitable list which will be my holy Bible.

Would love to know your thoughts

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