Mohanlal - My Childhood Crush & Most Favorite Actor!!!

We all have had that one childhood crush or many crushes. I too have had multiple crushes but the one crush which was like forever is Mohanlal. For those from Kerala, this may seem absolutely normal because all of us love Mohanlal whom we lovingly call Lalettan. For people in other parts of India, Mohanlal may be known through films like Company, Drishyam or the recent Lucifer.

From the time I remember, I loved Mohanlal (I'm sure you too have had that big celebrity crush). I was just 5-6 years old but I was fond of him (what would a child have seen in him, I don't know exactly, but I remember that silly feeling of wanting to see Mohanlal for real). It's his movies, his portrayal of characters that probably caused this feeling (or I had the instincts of a crazy fan from my childhood, Nah!). My fondness kept growing with each movie I watched. I am a 90s kid, and well, parents those days never let small kids watch many movies, no internet, no tablets, no mobiles, TV was a luxury (Imagine how difficult it would have been to catch my crush on-screen!! Wish I was born now, even 2-year old kids watch youtube!!) So I had to watch Mohanlal's movies sneakingly (through door keyhole) and at times used to cry to my parents just to see his movies. (I ended up missing some movies back then but I have now watched all of them!)

You may not understand what exactly I am feeling - that's because you may not know Mohanlal that well. So let me explain to you. When Mohanlal cries on-screen, I used to cry. And when he flirted with his heroine, I used to blush (my mom has also at times caught me blushing, super embarrassing :P) One of his classics - Chithram is a movie where he is so brilliant, I laughed for 2 hours, I loved his romance and then there's one hell of a climax where you are stunned (I cried miserably). The numbness he creates in movies like Kireedam, Sadayam, Thalavattam, just made him feel so real for me! Just watching him emote makes one attached to him.

And every girl loves romance (all of us want that dream guy who's super cute, flirty and caring all in one). Mohanlal may not look to you as the super-handsome stud but he was the cute boy next door. He portrayed love on-screen to his heroines but it was my heartbeats that used to rise. You must watch "Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal" to maybe relate to what I'm feeling. He proposes to the heroine quoting lines from Bible and I have never seen a more beautiful scene (I literally got goosebumps..). It's a hero who stands up for his love, who never gives up on her, who is so full of love, who doesn't care about society, and who just cares about his love, that's all what matters to him. And the climax filled my eyes with tears of joy (I'll give a detailed review of this movie later, but do try to catch it).

At times, you know there's a strange feeling of having someone with you, that's what I feel about Mohanlal. I feel like there's someone out there, there's someone who can just give you relief with a sly smile (Oh, I love that smile!). It's a comfort to just sit and watch him. During times when I'm upset, angry, I watch one movie of his and I feel happy. It feels wonderful to have that comfort pill. Romance and love for me were defined by his characters (well, I realized that's not exactly how it functions in real life - but hey what's the harm in dreaming for it?!)

Mohanlal today may be doing much different roles, and may not be the cute boy next door. But he's still a wonderful actor and it feels so good to watch him perform (I am still a fan of his 80s and 90s movies, watch movies like Kilukkam, Nadodikkattu, Thoovanathumbikal, Dasharatham, Vandanam and you too will fall in love in no time!!) For me, Mohanlal is more than my childhood crush, it's a fondness and affection which I will have forever and will always make me feel good :) And like every fan girl, I wish I could see him for real!!

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